We have many new and sweet surprise for you


When Autumn comes, it is time to sum up everything that has been done during the blooming warm days. As the result of thoughtful work any many inspirations "Kārumu fabrika" has made new and sweet surprises for You. In our new product design we have collaborated with artist Līga Ķempe so each product has a special tone to it.


Syrup cookies "Korzik" with chocolate, apricots, cranberries and almonds; muffins with quinces, cranberries, apricots, chocolate and hazelnuts; caramelized almonds, peanuts, pecans, cashews and pumpkin seeds. As well as new taste for the sweets "Harmony" and "Glamour" - with quinces and with rhubarbs. You will have a lot of possibilities for new taste experiences!


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Sale from 19.october!